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[- OOC Information -]

Name: Vulshanna
Do you play any other characters in Outer Divide? Nope!

[- Character Information -]

Character Name: Alistair Theirin
Fandom: Dragon Age
OU, AU, or CR AU: OU, slight AU? The only thing that's different from usual canon is that Alistair accompanies The Warden through the events of the Awakening and Witch Hunt DLCs.
Canon Point: After Origins, After Dragon Age Awakening, After Witch Hunt, before Dragon Age 2
Journal: chantryboy

Character History: A link to his wiki page http://dragonage.wikia.com/wiki/Alistair

Main events in the game that shape the world and how Alistair and his party completed them:

-Alistair's party was led by a male Dalish Warden, Theron. (who romanced Morrigan).

-Theron recruited all companions but Loghain, and completed all of their personal quests.

-Broken Circle: Alistair's party sided with the mages and saved First Enchanter Irving.

- The Arl of Redcliff: The party helped defend Redcliff during the battle, and stormed the castle after. They chose to not kill Connor, instead gaining help from the mages of The Circle and sending First Enchanter Irving into the fade to kill the demon possessing the boy. The party then set off to gain allegiance from the Dalish elves, swearing to search for the Urn of Sacred Ashes once they had more resources.

-Nature of the beast: The party sided with the werewolves and the Elves, convincing Zathrian to lift the curse and end his own life. They gain the allegiance of the Dalish and move on.

-Urn of Sacred Ashes: The party gets to Haven and quickly clears out the town and the ancient temple, killing all of the cultists. They go through the Gauntlet and get to the Urn, taking a pinch of Ashes and telling Brother Genitivi he should tell everyone about the Urn's whereabouts. They go back to Redcliff and cure Arl Eamon, and then leave again as they still need to gather more allies.

-A Paragon of Her Kind: The party sides with Caridin and kills Branka, then puts Bhelen on the throne.

-The landsmeet: Theron supports Anora as queen, Alistair remains a Grey Warden, Loghain is executed.

-The Dark Ritual: Theron goes through with the Dark Ritual.

-The Archdemon: Theron kills the Archdemon, and survives.

-Witch Hunt(DLC): (Slightly altered canon) Alistair goes with Theron in search of Morrigan. When they finally reach her Morrigan and Theron go through the Eluvian together, and Alistair rushes to go with them. The Eluvian drops him in the Outer Divide universe.


Alistair is an altruistic and often naive person. This may be because he spent a large amount of his growing years in the Chantry, and was taught mostly about the laws of the church. He has a very strong sense of what is 'right' and 'wrong', even if those beliefs are often black and white. He's wary of mages, due to his training as a Templar (mage hunter), but he also has an inherent fascination with magic. He has his own minor magical abilities due to his use of Lyrium, but isn't a very skilled user of those abilities. He's much better at hitting things with his sword than anything else. That "hit things with his sword" mentality often carries over into his interaction with hostile people. Alistair would much rather hit an enemy until they're dead than try to reason with them. To him if you're a villain you're a villain, and there's no coming back from that. It's the same way he feels about Maleficarum, blood mages. If Alistair suspects someone of using blood magic he doesn't trust them at all, likely due to his Templar training, and the destruction he saw in the Circle Tower when his group cleared it out of abominations and blood mages.

If Alistair gets to know someone well enough he thinks of them as family. He lived with Arl Eamon, the closest thing he ever had to a father, for ten years before Eamon sent him to live at the Chantry. Because of this Alistair latches on to friends and holds on tightly. He's loyal to a fault, as he won't support a friend that wants to go against Alistair's moral code, but as long as that line isn't crossed he'd lay down anything to support a friend.

Alistair has an extreme aversion to responsibility. Sparked from when he was charged with keeping watch on Theron when he was first a recruit, and given the job of lighting the beacon at The Tower of Ishal. He didn't fail these tasks exactly, but Alistair feels like when he was put in charge everything went horribly wrong. He steps aside, even though Alistair is the senior Grey Warden in the group, and lets Theron lead. This continues, as Alistair refuses his right to be king and lets Anora take the throne by herself, saying that his blood has nothing to do with whether or not he'd be a good ruler. Alistair doesn't want the fate of an entire nation in his hands. He instead continues to follow his friend as Theron goes in search of Morrigan, not because Alistair particularly liked the witch, but because it was asked of him.

Alistair may come off as a person that never takes anything seriously, while truthfully he makes jokes to relieve tension, or deflect conversations he'd rather not have. He dislikes talking about his past when he first meets a person, especially the topic of his heritage. He's sarcastic and mouthy, an odd trait for someone who spent several years taking lessons in a church.

The death of the Archdemon and the events of the game don't change Alistair's personality by much. If anything the events of the story reinforce Alistairs negative character traits. His fear of responsibility and his clinginess to friends both intensify. He follows Theron to find Morrigan partly out of fear of losing his closest friend, and because if he goes along and they both die Alistair won't have to go on without Theron. Alistair would rather run off and almost get killed than have there be even the slightest chance that he gets appointed Warden Commander in Theron's place. The events of Awakening went right over Alistair's head, really. He arrived at Vigil's Keep well after Theron and didn't participate much in the main story. He mainly patrolled the Keep to ensure it was safe and helped train the guards. He participated in the final battle, but didn't know much about the events leading up to it. Theron had been quiet through most of them, and Alistair didn't want to pry too much when his friend was clearly under stress. This did make Alistair think there was a rift forming in his and Theron's friendship, and so he jumped at the chance to go with Theron in search of Morrigan.


Besides being a skilled combatant with a sword and shield Alistair has two minor magical abilities he picked up from his Templar training.

-Righteous Strike: Each of the templar's melee hits against an enemy spellcaster drains its mana. This is a passive ability, unless Alistair is in an area that negates magic this is always active, the mana drained is a small fraction, and it's possible that an enemy can resist the effect.

-Cleanse Area: The templar purges the area of magic, removing all dispellable effects from those nearby. This ability dismisses familiars, removes buffs and debuffs, and affects those standing with Alistair and against him. He can only do this about four times every hour, with a casting time of forty seconds, and there is a cooldown of thirty seconds.

Both of these abilities drain Alistair's stamina, making him near exhausted by the end of a combat encounter depending on how many times he uses them.

Possessions: Alistair carries a backpack full of Theron's, and the groups, belongings. As he was only with Theron when Alistair gets transported to Outer Divide he's carrying just enough supplies for himself and his friend, along with various other things Theron refuses to throw away. He is also wearing his armor and a sword and shield. All belongs are listed below.


-Six days worth of rations (dried meat, dried fruits, nuts ect.)
-Two wooden bowls, two wooden spoons, two wooden forks, two knives
-A small tin pot
-Two wool blankets
-Two wool cloaks
-Six Health Poultices
-Four clumps of Elfroot
-Two Deep Mushrooms
-A lifestone
-A stone warrior statuette
-An uncut amethyst
-A random assortment of love letters
-A lamb bone, well chewed
-Joining Challice, the one used at Ostagar
-A black Runestone, A white Runestone
-A Frostrock
-Studded leather helm, tier 1
-An onyx demon statuette

Items on Alistair's person:

-Warden commander Armor, Tier 7 Dragon Bone
-Starfang, Tier 8 longsword made of Starmetal
-Warden Tower shield, Tier 6 Silverite
-His mother's amulet of Andraste

Arrival: Eluvian! "In 9:32 Dragon, the same Eluvian from the Dalish Elf Origin is used in a scrying ritual to locate another, functioning one in the Dragonbone Wastes. Morrigan, who had found it first, reveals that Eluvians can also act as portals not only to other points in Thedas, but also to a realm beyond the Fade. Depending on the Warden-Commander's actions, she can be followed through the Eluvian, but the players are never shown what lies beyond."

[- Writing Samples -]

Network Sample:
[Alistair's face appears on screen, face screwed in confusion.]

"It's a communication device? What does this do?"

[A beeping sound startles him and he nearly drops the thing.]

"Okaaay... anyway, if I can use this to get a message out then I will. I don't know where I am, or what this place is, but I don't want to be here. Theron, if you're here too I'm sure we'll find one another at some point. If you or I don't get eaten by the inhabitants before then. I'm sure I'd be great in a stew."

[His expression lightens for a moment before becoming serious again.]

"This is like Fort Draken, right? Well, sort of. We'll meet up and fight our way out of here, I'm sure."

[He looks solemnly at the screen for several seconds before the device clicks off.]

Log Sample:

Theron had been getting quiet; Alistair had noticed it as soon as he arrived at Vigil Keep just over two years ago. His friend, the Warden Commander, was usually a talkative and downright charming person. But ever since Morrigan disappeared he'd begun to close himself off. Alistair had a hard time understanding this. Morrigan was tolerable at best, downright volatile at worst. Why Theron even enjoyed spending time with that harpy was beyond Alistair. But love was blind, as they said.

When word arrived at the Keep that a woman matching Morrigan’s description had been spotted in the Kokari Wild’s Theron’s face lit up in a way Alistair hadn’t seen in months. Of course when Theron asked him to go look for Morrigan with him Alistair had agreed readily. How could he say no when the tiny elf was nearly bouncing around the Keep in excitement. He had to go… for his friend. And if Theron got hurt on the journey and Alistair wasn't there he was sure how he'd react. And if Theron died and Alistair was left at Vigil Keep all on his own… he didn't want to even think about that.

He’d agreed to the journey, but hadn’t expected it to take so long. They went from the Wild’s, picking up an annoying elf on the way, to the Circle tower, picking up one of the stuffiest mages Alistair had ever met, to the Brecilian Forest, to the Deep Roads. Theron seemed to be unable to travel without collecting bands of mismatched people. Ariane, the Dalish elf, was at least fun to have around. Unlike Finn, who squawked and nearly fainted at any sign of dirt on his robes.

When the group was informed by Finn that they needed to now go to the Dragonbone Wastes Alistair was ready to sit down and not get back up again. Morrigan was in no way worth travelling all over Thedas, even if Theron loved her. Alistair had wondered later while they were setting up camp if Theron would go to such lengths for him. Would his friend travel back and forth, across miles, just to find Alistair? It was hard to push his jealousy aside, and Alistair went to bed that night without eating.

Dragon cultists were nothing new to Alistair and Theron, they cut through them and their dragons quickly with the help of their companions and Theron’s Mabari hound. The Varterral was more of a challenge. The spider like, bark covered creature got to go on the list of The Most Horrifying Things Alistair had ever seen. The way it sprang around the clearing was as annoying as it was terrifying. When they finally killed it Ariane made mention that the creature apparently couldn't be killed, no matter how many times it was defeated. If they had to look forward to fighting the thing again on their way out Alistair hoped that Morrigan would at least help them. It was the least she could do after they’d tracked her all over the continent.
The Nest of The Mother was no less unsettling even with her corpse absent. Alistair tried to lighten the mood but Theron didn't even notice he’d said anything. His friend only had eyes for the Witch that paced back and forth in front of the Eluvian. As the group made their way forward Alistair and Theron asked Ariane and Flinn to stay behind, something Alistair was glad neither of them objected to. Ariane just wanted her clan’s lost book, and Flinn just wanted to study the Eluvian, after all.

Morrigan was less than happy to see him, Alistair could tell even before she opened her mouth. Her arms folded against her chest she regarded him with eyes so cold he swore the temperature dropped several degrees. “No further please. One more step and I leave. For good this time.” She spoke to Theron, eyes moving away from Alistair. Honestly he was fine with that, if she had nothing to say to him he had nothing to say to her. He stood at his friends back and let Theron do the talking, as usual.

“Hello to you too, Morrigan.” Despite the long journey and several battles they’d had to go through just to get here Theron sounded cheerful, if a bit sarcastic. Morrigan turns slightly, giving a small sigh before gesturing to the Eluvian behind her.

“I assume you know what this is? I have gone to great lengths to find and activate this portal. Give me a reason to use it and you will not be able to follow.” She turns back to look at Theron and Alistair can’t quite tell but her gaze seems slightly less cold. He could never really tell with her, the gold color of her eyes was unsettling and distracting enough that her expression was often unreadable to him.

“The Eluvians are portals? To where?” Theron sounds skeptical at Morrigan’s words.

“To another place, beyond this world and beyond the Fade. But this portal can only be used once more. Achieving even this was… difficult.” Morrigan answers readily, giving a small shrug of her shoulders. Her gaze moves from Theron to Alistair again however, the look less than friendly.
Theron lets out a soft sigh, glancing behind himself to Alistair.

“Could you wait with the others, please? I’d like to speak to Morrigan alone for now.” Theron’stone was soft, and Alistair knew he didn't mean any harm. Even so he had to work hard to keep the annoyance off his face.

“Yes, I'll go make sure our companions don't find a way to awakening some ancient evil. If you need help just yell.” Alistair forces a smile as he turns away, walking back to Ariane and Flinn. The two of them look at him curiously, stopping their conversation. Apparently no one wanted to talk while he was around. Alistair clasps his arms behind his back and gives an angry look in the direction of Theron and Morrigan.

“So are they really old friends, then?” Ariane asks him, digging the steel tip of her boot into the dirt at her feet.

Alistair didn't really want to answer her, but staying quiet was going to make it harder for him to pretend he wasn't angry. “Oh, well of course they are. She’s my friend too, I think. We all stopped the Blight together after all. I don’t know how we lived through it, thoughl; Morrigan’s cooking is awful, some nights I was nearly positive she was trying to poison all of us. Of course she said the same of my cooking.”

That succeeded in getting a small laugh from Ariane, and Flinn looked over with interest. “So the two of you fought a lot?”

“I guess you could say that. Sometimes Theron would threaten to physically separate the two of us. I don’t really blame him. Morrigan really knows how to get under my skin.” Alistair rubs a gauntleted hand over the back of his neck. “But she’s not so bad. She’s great in a fight and terrifying when she’s actually angry. I wouldn't have been surprised if some of the darkspawn we fought had dropped their weapons and fled when she was seriously angry.”
Flinn smiles, but a quick glance over Alistair’s shoulder turns his smile into a scowl. “They're kissing. I wonder if the two of them know just how dirty the human mouth is.” He grumbles with a fold of his arms.

Alistair turns to look as well, but quickly glances away. A blush rises on his face and he shakes his head. Public displays like that still made him uncomfortable. But he supposed this wasn't exactly public.

“Uh, Alistair… I think the two of them are going to go through the Eluvian. How am I supposed to get my Clan’s book back if they do that?” Ariane’s tugged on Alistair’s arm, getting him to look up. At first he didn't understand what she was saying. Theron going through the Eluvian? But he wouldn't do that… he was the Commander of the Grey! Theron loved being the Commander, didn't he? He’d told Alistair before that he thought it was what he’d been born for! But as Alistair’s gaze settled on where Ariane was pointing he realized she was right.

He was bounding forward before he could stop himself, arriving at Morrigan and Theron’s back in what felt like an instant as the two of them stepped through the purple glowing portal. Alistair reaches his hand out, through the opaque glass and feels his hand collide with something, he grabs on tightly. He couldn't let Theron leave him behind; his only thought was to pull them back. But instead he finds himself tumbling forward into darkness.


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